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Angry Lead Skies: A Garrett, P.I., Novel by Glen Cook

By Glen Cook

A chain some distance sooner than its time, now again in print a person else may have discovered via now: while hassle comes knocking, do not open the door. yet there is a it's because Garrett's nonetheless within the P.I. enterprise finally those years-he's no longer one to benefit his classes. probably that is why he shall we himself get roped into being a bodyguard for Kip Prose, an obnoxious child being threatened by way of creatures that cannot particularly be defined. yet earlier than Kip Prose has an opportunity to give an explanation for what he is performed to get at the hit checklist of a few anonymous nasties, the precocious Prose is kidnapped, and the chase begins...

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Lots of friends. In as broad a range of stations, races, and professions as is possible. A pixie ally would be a huge resource. I started sweet-talking. No telling what I might have accomplished if Fate hadn’t decided to roll my bones. The pixies let out startled shrieks at the same moment that the Goddamn Parrot barked my name. 5 I got about a tenth of second’s glimpse of a man who fit his name perfectly. Unusual. He was all rounds. He had a round head with dwindling thickets of hair sagging to the south, leaving a blinding shine behind.

I looked at Playmate. I looked at Kip again. Heroic me, I managed to keep a straight face. But only because I deal with these problems myself on a regular basis. Particularly threats of mental vandalism and larceny. Another cascade of remote amusement. Kip jerked in his chair. ” Playmate shrugged. He seemed a little embarrassed, no longer sure seeing me was the best idea. “Because he invents things? ” “Ideas, mostly. Lots of ideas for devices and mechanisms that look like they’d work just fine if we could get the right tools and the proper materials to build them.

The Guard can go on wishing. You know I’m a simple man, Garrett. Not greedy at all. ” “Most everything pays better than being honest. You want to work for Block and Relway, you’d better have a bone-deep law and order calling. ” Kip was making noises. He wasn’t as impressed with the sketch as I was. ” Playmate growled. “Since whenever they look straight at you they go all smoky. And they aren’t eyes like ours, anyway. ” “It’s not that. It’s their shape.  ” Garrett! The kid jumped, squealed, went paper pale in an instant, scattered the documents on my desk.

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