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Ancient Indian Tribes by Bimala Churn Law.

By Bimala Churn Law.

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Jataka, I, &ASIS p. Five hundred! car- 478). penters lived in a village in Benares. ( Jataka, II, pi 118 ). There was in Benares a great town of carpenters containing These carpenters avowed publicly that a thousand families. they could make a bed or a chair or a house. But when they took a large advance from the people, they proved themselves liars. They were then so much harrased by their customers that they had to leave the town. ( Jataka, IV, A carpenter of Benares prepared mechanical p. 159).

From the word kusalam', relatives and friends of ' the country came to be called 'Kosala' I, ( SumangalavilasinI, 239). In the Cambridge History of India, 1 Origin of the tribe, we read that the Kosalans were almost certainly, in the main at least, of the Aryan race. Further, the Kosalans belonged to the solar family and were derived directly from Manu through Iksvaku. A family of princes bearing this name is known from the Vedic literature and it is quite possible that the and other kingdoms to the east of the middle country were descended from this family.

287 ). to bring horses to Benares for Sindh horse was available sale. in Benares. (Ibid,, It was ANCIENT INDIAN TRIBES known as the swift-as-the-wind. of ceremony. (Jataka, corn merchants A trader who II, used to was the It 29 king's horse In Benares there were 338). sell corns. (Jataka, III, p. 198). buy goods with 500 carts to a frontier country and bought sandal wood. (Suttanipata used of Benares trader Commentary, Vol. II, p. 523 foil). A to trade went of BaranasI to his goods by putting on the back of an ass> Once he went to Taxila for trade and gave his ass rest there by taking down the goods from its back.

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