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An Introduction to the Unitarian and Universalist Traditions by Andrea Greenwood

By Andrea Greenwood

How is a unfastened religion expressed, organised and ruled? How are assorted spiritualities and theologies made suitable? What may perhaps a faith dependent in cause and democracy provide state-of-the-art international? This ebook may also help the reader to appreciate the modern liberal faith of Unitarian Universalism in a ancient and worldwide context. Andrea Greenwood and Mark W. Harris problem the view that the Unitarianism of latest England is indigenous and the purpose from which the faith unfold. Relationships among Polish radicals and the English Dissenters existed, and the English radicals profoundly prompted the Unitarianism of the nascent usa. Greenwood and Harris additionally discover the USA id as Unitarian Universalist on account that a 1961 merger, and its present dating to overseas congregations, quite within the context of 20th century growth into Asia.

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Tradition holds that the townspeople greeted him at the entrance to the city. From a large boulder, which became a Unitarian shrine, he told the assembled group that the king had affirmed their position, and they would not be persecuted as heretics. 36 The Unitarians in Transylvania had a short-lived period of triumph. The Trinitarian and Unitarian arms of the Reformed Church officially split after a debate at Nagyvarad in 1569. In contrast to the situation in 33 34 35 36 Williams, Radical Reformation, p.

Despite the loss of funds and resources confiscated by the state, and clergy, who were torn between collaboration and resistance (one quarter suffered imprisonment), their strong faith tradition helped them survive this deprivation. 42 Howe, Faith and Freedom, pp. 111–112. chapter 3 Great Britain Unitarian history in Great Britain often begins with the “father of English Unitarianism,” John Biddle (1615–1662), but the faith goes back much further, beginning with the translation of the Vulgate at the end of the fourteenth century.

This limited freedom essentially transformed a varied religious culture – even if some groups were illegal, they did exist in protective cells and had even been recognized by King James II – into one in which all roads led to Anglican doctrine. It was legislation that freed the government from prosecuting non-conformists while restricting their opportunities for education and public service. Unitarians were forced to provide their own schools, in the form of Dissenters’ Academies, and a later Blasphemy Act prevented them from public office.

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