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Among the Betrayed (Shadow Children, Book 3) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Within the 3rd installment of Haddix's sequence a couple of futuristic society within which households are forbidden to have greater than teenagers, Nina, a secondary personality in Among the Impostors, is falsely accused of treason and imprisoned by means of the inhabitants Police. Her interrogator offers her an ultimatum: both she will get 3 different baby prisoners, unlawful third-borns like Nina, to bare who harbored them and the place they acquired their faux id playing cards, or she is going to be achieved. Nina sees an opportunity to flee the legal and, taking the prisoners along with her, quick discovers their highway smarts. but if their foodstuff offer runs out, Nina seeks the boy she knew as Lee.

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Undoubtedly, she would describe it in detail to Witwer. He’d never get off Earth, never have an opportunity to find out what life on a frontier planet might be like. While he was thus preoccupied, a board creaked behind him. He turned from the bed, clutching a weather-stained winter sports jacket, to face the muzzle of a gray-blue A-pistol. “It didn’t take you long,” he said, staring with bitterness at the tight-lipped, heavyset man in a brown overcoat who stood holding the gun in his gloved hand.

You won’t be lonely. ” Helplessly, Anderton watched pedestrians hurrying along the rain-swept sidewalks. He felt no strong emotion. He was aware only of an overpowering fatigue. Dully, he checked off the street numbers: they were getting near the police station. “This Witwer seems to know how to take advantage of an opportunity,” one of the men observed conversationally. ” “Briefly,” Anderton answered. “He wanted your job—so he framed you. ” Anderton grimaced. ” The man eyed him languidly. “So you’re the ex-Commissioner of Police.

Anderton immediately approached the blond-haired young man. “You’ve got what you wanted,” he told him. “You can lock me up, and send me to the detention camp. ” Witwer’s blue eyes were pale with uncertainty. “I’m afraid I don’t understand—” “It’s not my fault. I should never have left the police building. ” “We’ve already clamped down on him,” Witwer replied. ” Anderton’s face was grim. “You’re holding him for the wrong reason,” he said. “Letting me into the monkey block was no crime. But passing information to Army is.

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