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American Voudou: Journey into a Hidden World by Rod Davis

By Rod Davis

This chronicle of Davis's decided look for the genuine legacy of voudou in the United States unearths a spirit-world from New Orleans to Miami as a way to shatter long-held stereotypes concerning the faith and its function in our tradition. The real-life dramas of the practitioners, actual believers and skeptics of the voudou international additionally provide a appreciably diversified entree right into a half-hidden, half-mythical South, and through extension into an alternative soul of the United States. Readers drawn to the dynamic relationships among faith and society, and within the offerings made via humans stuck within the flux of clash, can be heartened via this special tale of survival or even renaissance of what can have been the main persecuted faith in American historical past. The tensions that experience arisen among Cubans and African american citizens over either the management and the assumption method of the faith is mentioned. Davis increases questions and provides perception into the character of faith, American tradition, and race family members.

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The hard work of preparing the sacrifices for the spirits, of the nights of praying, and the haggard demeanor of those who had participated, was replaced by a partybeer, wine, singing and dancing. The yaguo sat under her canopy on straw mats, greeting but not speaking to those who came to pay their respects. She wore a plain white dress, and, on her head, for Shango, a silver crown with red parrot feathers. Her face bore white markings feigning mutton chop sideburns and a mustache, to symbolize the old man aspect of her patron deity, Obatala.

Her face bore white markings feigning mutton chop sideburns and a mustache, to symbolize the old man aspect of her patron deity, Obatala. Her neck was strung with the vari-colored beads of Shango, Elegba, Obatala, Ochosi and Ogun. Another white dress hung on the wall to her right. More formal in its detail and frills, it would be worn by the yaguo only Page 25 twicethat night for dinner and again in her grave. It had been hand-sewn by members of Lorita's churchfor a fee. An initiation ceremony, in santeria, can cost $5000 or more, maybe double that in some instances, and Lorita had in mind putting as much of the money into the hands of her own people as possible.

Title : American Voudou : Journey Into a Hidden World author : Davis, Rod. 1984. Permissions University of North Texas Press PO Box 311336 Denton TX 76203-1336 940-565-2142 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Davis, Rod, 1946 American voudou : journey into a hidden world / by Rod Davis. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index.  Title. D37 1998 299'675'0973dc21 98-21264 CIP Design by Accent Design and Communications Photographs by Rod Davis Page v For Jennifer and Moriah, and the future Page vii CONTENTS Preface ix Part One: The Street 1: Midnight Ritual 1 2: Looking for Lorita 17 3: The Gods and Their Ways 28 4: Countertop Voudou 39 5: Preacher to Priestess 53 6: Jesus Out of Africa 63 Part Two: The Road 7: On the Hoodoo Trail 75 8: Spirit Wars 89 9: Two-Headed Men and Ghosts 100 10: Elvis and Dr.

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