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After the End by Bonnie Dee

By Bonnie Dee

The tip of the area is barely the start. Zombies are at the unfastened and the area is falling aside. within the culture of apocalyptic novels resembling Stephen King's THE STAND, a bunch of strangers on a long island subway are introduced jointly within the identify of survival. the gang follows the lead of Ari Brenner, a tender guy who doesn't realize his personal management characteristics and believes they keep on with him just because he wears a military uniform. Lila Teske, a faculty pupil learning philosophy, reveals her non-violent ideals confirmed within the crucible of a zombie assault. There are different participants of the various team, however the concentration of the tale is on Ari and Lila, kids who know about sacrifice and internal energy throughout the ordeal. With the city's infrastructure down and conversation with the surface global curtailed the survivors head towards the closest marina. after they meet a lab tech who can have an answer to the virus, they be aware of his protection is paramount and it's extra very important than ever that they get off the island. yet zombies aren't the single risk that impedes them on their perilous trip.

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Even-tempered Doyle had lost it. He'd yelled and cursed and insulted her. Her adrenaline rising, Lila had yelled back. Things she hadn't known bothered her came spewing out. Before it was over, they were both displaying a passion their relationship had been sorely lacking for most of the time they were together. Now that it was over, she felt a vague anxiety and melancholy and definitely regret for losing her temper, but nothing more powerful than that. " The thought made her sadder than the actual loss of him.

Her gaze slid back to the serene-faced Buddha on the page of her book and she wished she'd remembered her Zen beliefs last night. She'd gone to meet Doyle at his place fully expecting to present the situation calmly and receive an equally peaceful agreement from her boyfriend. Ex now, she reminded herself. The man rarely got upset even when he was under a lot of pressure at the hospital where he worked, which from all accounts had been a madhouse recently due to the A7 virus. He was always reasonable.

Jesus, I need a cigarette. " Ari didn't hand Deb the lighter but did flick it on again. The glow illuminated the faces of the little group making them into eerie yellow masks. "Lila's right. Last thing we need is to start panicking or making up crazy stories. We should think about arming ourselves though. " Just then a scream echoed through the tunnel from far behind them. Everyone stopped talking and froze. Lila glanced at Ari. His eyes reflected the fire glow and she saw fear in them before he flipped the lighter closed.

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