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Accidentally Dead, Again (Accidentals, Book 6) by Dakota Cassidy

By Dakota Cassidy

He used to be simply trying to find an evening of fun.

After a wild work-sponsored Halloween occasion, entomologist Sam McLean wakes up with a spotty memory—and a sharp set of fangs. Sam’s one-night stand wasn’t simply dressed as a vampire; she had the chunk to compare. someway, Sam's subconscious physique finally ends up on the OOPS workplace, the place paranormal quandary counselors Nina, Marty and Wanda supply him the down-low on by chance turning into a creature of the night.

What he bought used to be an eternity of trouble.

Dealing with a beginner like Sam is not any effortless activity, yet issues get much more loopy whilst Phoebe Reynolds—a lady who claims to be Nina’s sister—storms into the place of work and motives a catfight that ends whilst Phoebe is accidently bitten by way of Sam’s lately shaped fangs. Now, the OOPS women have fledgling vamps on their fingers, and their powers—and the appeal construction among them—are not like something they’ve visible before…

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Enough HELL ten thoufimd Worlds to over-turn. ftate of Being! And the chief torture O in every face. conititutes the place, where being s the only griefs s to be damn d to life j only thing they have to hate finiflfd torment of a future ftate, life! the The Com pleat 5 of endlefs mifery, ten thoufand times than not to BE in all the parts And worfc ! Could but the Damn d the immortal law repeal. And Devils dye^ thcre d be an end of Hell, Could they that thing call d Being annihilate, 1 There d be no forroivs in a future ftate j The Wretch,whofe crimes had {hut him out on high^ Could be reveng d on God himfelf and die , Job s Wife was in the right, and always we Might end by death all human mifery, Might have it in our choice, to be or not CHAP.

What his prefent ftate is, and where and to what part of the creation of God he is limited and rcftrained ? what the liberties are he takes or is allow d to take? in what manner he works, and how his inftrumcnts arc likewife allow d to work ? what he has done ever fince he commenc d Devil, what he is now doing, and what he may yet do before his J,aft and clofer confinement? as alfo what he can/iot do, and how far we may or may not be (aid to be cxpofed to him, or have or have not reaibn to be afraid of him?

Milton* indeed, wanting titles of honour to give to the Leaders of Satan s Holt, is oblig d to borrow feveral of his Scripture names, and beflow them upon his infernal Heroes, whom he makes the Generals and Leaders of the armies of Hell and fo he makes Beelzebub, Lucifer, Belial, Mam mon, and fome others, to be the names of parti cular Devils, members of Satan s upper houfe or Pandemonium \ whereas indeed, thefe are all names rous as others > to Satan himfelf. proper and peculiar The Scripture alfo has fome names of a coarby which the Devil is underftood, as particularly, which is noted already, in the Apocalypfe he is call d the Great Red Dragon, \hzBeafl, the Old Serpent, and the like But take it in the fer kind, : Scripture, or where you will in Hiflory facred or will find that in general the De prophane, you vil is, as I have faid above, his ordinary name in all languages and in all nations the name by which he and his works are principally diftinguifli d : Alfa the Scripture, befides that it often gives him > name, fpeaks of the works of the Devil^ of the fubtilty of the Devil, of cafting out De vils, of being tempted of the Devil, of being pof?

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