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A Companion to Josephus by Honora Howell Chapman, Zuleika Rodgers

By Honora Howell Chapman, Zuleika Rodgers

A spouse to Josephus presents a set of readings from overseas students that discover the works of the 1st century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus.

  • Represents the 1st single-volume number of readings to target Josephus
  • Covers quite a lot of disciplinary ways to the topic, together with reception history
  • Features contributions from 29 eminent students within the box from 4 continents
  • Reveals vital insights into the Jewish and Roman worlds in the mean time whilst Christianity was once gaining flooring as a movement

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5–6; see Chapter 23 by S. Inolowcki in this volume). Eusebius’s predecessors had used the Judean War with diffidence, preferring to borrow Apion’s polemics or to nibble off the bits of the Antiquities that mentioned Jesus, James, or the Baptist. Writing with the anxious confidence of the newly rising Church, by contrast, Eusebius took hold of Josephus’s famous history and boldly repurposed it. 9–10) actually proved Christian claims? Eusebius’s daring move launched Josephus’s posthumous career as honorary “Jew for Jesus” and single‐handedly rewrote the Companion to the New Testament.

Josephus’s anticipations in Book 2 of the horrifying siege and tyranny (Books 5–6) remind us how much narrative changes as the story develops. This recognition undermines the perception that he programmatically blames a few bad men for causing the war. In the two lengthy volumes devoted to the war’s origins he paints a much more human and understandable picture. Conflicts burst out here and there, in the unsettled aftermath of Hasmonean and especially Herodian rule. 1–118), and though the elites of all the ethnic groups continue looking to Rome for redress, it is the Judeans who suddenly become most vulner­ able, with the shift of government to Caesarea.

Similarly, in his last known work Josephus explains that moving to Rome gave him the leisure to gather his materials, enlist collaborators for help with the (literary) Greek, and create a record of what he had seen in Judea. He stresses again his fearlessness in inviting the Josephus’s Judean War 15 Flavians themselves to prove his account—suggesting that he was suspected of pushing a Judean perspective (cf. Pseudo‐Hegesippus): “I was so confident of the truth that I figured I would take those who had become imperators in the war, Vespasian and Titus, as my first witnesses of all.

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