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A cabinet of Roman curiosities : strange tales and by J. C. McKeown

By J. C. McKeown

Here's a whimsical and desirable selection of atypical evidence, unusual ideals, outlandish critiques, and different hugely fun minutiae of the traditional Romans. we have a tendency to ponder the Romans as a realistic individuals with a ruthlessly effective military, an exemplary felony procedure, and an actual and chic language. A cupboard of Roman Curiosities indicates that the Romans have been both able to weird and wonderful superstitions, logic-defying customs, and infrequently hilariously derisive perspectives in their fellow Romans and non-Romans.
Classicist J. C. McKeown has equipped the entries during this exciting quantity round significant themes--The military, ladies, faith and Superstition, family members lifestyles, drugs, Slaves, Spectacles--allowing for speedy searching or extra planned intake. one of the book's many gemstones are:

· Romans on city living:
The satirist Juvenal lists "fires, falling constructions, and poets reciting in August as risks to existence in Rome."

· On better interrogation:
"If we're obliged to take proof from an arena-fighter or another such individual, his testimony isn't really to be believed except given below torture." (Justinian)

· On dreams:
Dreaming of consuming books "foretells virtue to lecturers, teachers, and someone who earns his livelihood from books, yet for everybody else it ability surprising death"

· On food:
"When humans unwittingly consume human flesh, served through unscrupulous eating place vendors and different such humans, the similarity to beef is usually noted." (Galen)

· On marriage:
In old Rome a wedding should be prepared even if the events have been absent, as long as they knew of the association, "or agreed to it subsequently."

· On wellbeing and fitness care:
Pliny caustically defined clinical money owed as a "down check on death," and Martial quipped that "Diaulus was once a physician, now he is a mortician. He does as a mortician what he did as a doctor."

For a person looking an inglorious glimpse on the underside of the best empire in background, A cupboard of Roman Curiosities bargains never-ending delights.

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The Romans came to be so intimidated by Archimedes’ machines that they would flee whenever they saw a coil of rope or a spar of wood on the battlements (Plutarch Life of Marcellus 17). ). 3). When Hannibal was in exile from Carthage, he commanded the troops of King Prusias of Bithynia against King Eumenes of Pergamum. Outnumbered in a sea battle, he knew his only hope was to capture Eumenes himself. He identified Eumenes’ ship by sending an emissary with a letter for him, ostensibly with peace terms (but actually making fun of him).

Nasty not only to his critics, whom he savaged at every opportunity, but also to his students: Horace calls him a “flogger” [plagosus], and Domitius Marsus [a minor poet] writes of “those whom Orbilius has struck with a cane or a strap” (Suetonius On Teachers of Grammar and Rhetoric 9). 3), and Plutarch thought it noteworthy that Sarpedon, the tutor of Cato the Younger, was more likely to reason with his students than to thrash them (Life of Cato the Younger 1). Orbilius once appeared in court as a witness against someone whom the father of the future emperor Galba was defending.

Antiquum poetam audivi scripsisse in tragoedia, mulieres duas peiores esse quam unam: res ita est I’ve heard that a poet long ago wrote in a tragedy that two women are worse than one: and so they are. Plautus Curculio 591  • III • N am es nisi nomen scieris, cognitio rerum perit If you don’t know what to call things, you lose your awareness of them. St. , Cicero). The praenomen was used by family and close friends; in public contexts, either the nomen or cognomen might be used, or both together.

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