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4 buenas razones para eliminar la tv by Jerry Mander

By Jerry Mander

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His name was John Rolfson. There was the secondary television correspondent. His name was Peter Jennings. And there was the radio correspondent. And his name was Ted Koppel. qxd:Layout 1 18 8/25/08 9:50 AM Page 18 Peter Jennings flew to South Carolina, back to Pittsburgh, and from Pittsburgh out to California. I mean, it was one of the craziest days I’ve ever seen, and it was a day that was sort of emblematic of a candidate who knew he was losing. And then [in Arizona], on Election Day itself, the Goldwater campaign announced that the lid was on, which meant they weren’t going to be making any announcements until after all the returns were in.

And if they had been more of a news division in 1964, they wouldn’t have hired Peter. So it was really to both of our benefits that it was such a pathetic news division, because they wouldn’t have hired a couple of kids like us. peter jennings: I mean, it was ludicrous. I look back now and I wonder to myself what they must have been thinking. At the time, ABC was really into kids’ programming. We didn’t have any news tradition here like CBS and NBC. ” In the ABC studio with father, Charles sarah jennings: I think it took a lot of confidence for him to come down and, at such a young age, really think that he could make a run of it, against such sterling and established broadcasters as Walter Cronkite.

Boy, did it hurt. Someone upstairs was making a judgment about how little value I represented to them. And I was about to be discarded. I felt like an outcast, assigned to the category of failure. . That moment of failure for me was also a golden opportunity. Because I was obliged to figure out who I was and what I really wanted to be. I learned that I had not been happy, sitting in a studio, pretending to be smarter and more important to the country than I was. And once I had dusted myself off, which didn’t take that long, I went off to have the very best time of my life, discovering the world.

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