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101 questions and answers on demon powers by Lester Sumrall

By Lester Sumrall

Ebook by means of Sumrall, Lester

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Jesus resisted the devil by the Word of God. (v. ) Christ showed that the Word was the sword by which Christians overcome the devil. Our Lord indicated that some forms of deafness are a spirit and also recognized dumbness as a spirit. ) Christ called epilepsy (and other such seizures) a spirit. (Matt. ) The afflicted son spoken of in this passage was also called a lunatic. (v. ) These are symptoms which medical science may call sickness. Jesus Christ designated them as the work of evil spirits.

Also, I believe many people pick up evil spirits by going to wrong places—places where they had no business going. 19. Can demons imitate God or angels? They certainly can! Remember, demons are spiritual beings, exactly like angels, so they have spiritual qualities and powers, including perceptions and pervasion. In other words, they are sensitive to recognize other spirits, and they can easily make their presence felt. Because the devil is a liar (the Bible says he is the father of lies) and a deceiver, he likes nothing better than to make people think that he is God doing certain things or speaking to them.

Disgusted, he plunged his hand back into his pocket. The metal cross was there! It almost scared him to death. Less than thirty seconds after he had his hands in those pockets, and even had them wrong-side out shaking them, the cross appeared inside! While in Indonesia, we stayed in the home of a witch doctor. He wasn't an important witch doctor; he only had seven devils. Most of them have many more than that. While he was at work one day, his wife said she would show us how he communicated with his spirits.

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