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1001 Things You Didn't Know You Wanted to Know by Anna Mantzaris

By Anna Mantzaris

Trivialities buffs of the world—this is your ebook! It’s filled with 1,001 tidbits of knowledge in such different types as meals & Drink, tv, artwork, company, healthiness, faith, and so on. for instance, do you know that each strawberry comprises over 2 hundred seeds? That the 1st prepared hard work strike within the U.S. happened in Philadelphia in 1786, while neighborhood printers demanded greater wages? Or that Jack London used to be the 1st novelist to earn 1000000 funds from his writing? Highlighted with maps and illustrations, this compilation incorporates a wealth of lists, together with the least densely populated nations, the academic associations of the Ivy League, bands that performed at Woodstock, or even the main demanding clichés, as voted by means of humans in 70 countries.

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We are experiencing our own collective rites of passage, playing with pieces, de-constructing and re-constructing identities, trying to come to terms with ourselves. As in most rites of passage, dealing with crisis and the rearrangement of social order, sexual ambivalence, symbolic revolutions of gender roles and confrontations with death are prominent and necessary. We are invited to reflect upon the elements that compromise our culture and to reinvent the social order in ways that cohere with our ethical convictions.

In recent years, research in theatre, film and television has markedly turned its attention to the relationship between arts events, as matters of process, and experiencers, contributing to the production of them. 7 In film and television, such impulses cannot perhaps function so readily because the mediums are pre-recorded and there can be no direct inter-corporeal engagement. Though I do not overemphasize the visceral in the experience of TV serial fictions, then, it is in the broad context of exploration of an expanded sense of the ‘experiencer’ that I am prompted to explore the idea of ‘affect’ understood as a bodymind engagement beyond an historical separation of feelings and thought.

The many aspects of loss – of family, of history, of vital forces – touched upon in the protracted narrative of StP find their emotional culmination in this moment. But the aesthetic of the black and white photographs and the haunting soundtrack (see below) amongst other aesthetic features have wrought in me (and others) a profound visceral experience. In respect of text-in-context, the redemption of the collection, the literal resolution of the narrative enigma, is subservient to the broader ramifications of larger themes.

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